Preety’s Kitchen: Besan ke ladoo

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Ladoo besan:- 2 cups
Granulated Sugar:- 1 cup
Melted Ghee:-1/2 cup
Dried coconut:-1/4cup
Cardomom powder:-1/4 tsp


1) Heat ghee in a pan then fry raisins & remove on a paper towel to drain extra oil
2)In the same pan add besan and roast it on medium heat until it changes color(keep stirring the besan all the time otherwise it will burn)
3) Remove in a plate and when its still warm add sugar, cardamom powder , raisins & dried coconut and mix well
4) Start making ladoos when it warm enough to handle but don’t wait too long as after its cool down you won’t be able to make ladoos..

Ladoos will harden as it will cool so leave it at room temperature for couple of hours..Store it in a air tight container to retain its freshness..Enjoy:)


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