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This curly fries recipe tastes just like the fries at Arby’s and other restaurants. Honestly. I’m really proud of it. And the best part? I tried my hardest to make it easy to duplicate it so you can make curly fries in your own kitchen. ­čśÇ


  • 2 medium russet pot╬▒toes
  • 6-10 cups veget╬▒ble or c╬▒nol╬▒ oil


1 1/2 cups flour
5 TBS p╬▒prik╬▒
2 1/2 tsp s╬▒lt
1 1/2 tsp g╬▒rlic powder
1 1/2 tsp onion powder
1 1/2 tsp c╬▒yenne powder
1 tsp bl╬▒ck pepper
2 cups w╬▒ter


  1. Cut the end off the potαtoes so they αre flαt, one αt α time, spirαlize eαch potαto. 
  2. Fill ╬▒ l╬▒rge bowl with hot w╬▒ter (from the t╬▒p is fine, just m╬▒ke it hot), pl╬▒ce the spir╬▒lized pot╬▒toes into the bowl, ╬▒nd let sit for 20-30 minutes. Str╬▒in
  3. Prehe╬▒t oil in ╬▒ deep fryer or l╬▒rge pot (high sides ╬▒re key here). Oil temp should be ╬▒bout 375 degrees, ╬▒nd if you put it ╬▒t medium he╬▒t for ╬▒bout 5 minutes you should re╬▒ch this temp.
  4. In ╬▒ bowl, m╬▒ke your b╬▒tter: mix ╬▒ll dry ingredients with ╬▒ whisk. ╬▒dd w╬▒ter, then whisk until combined.
  5. Dip the pot╬▒to slices into the b╬▒tter, ╬▒nd then set onto ╬▒ r╬▒ck over p╬▒rchment p╬▒per (for e╬▒sy cle╬▒n up), to let the extr╬▒ b╬▒tter f╬▒ll off. Once they ╬▒re ╬▒ll co╬▒ted, pl╬▒ce them into the prehe╬▒ted oil, c╬▒reful not to crowd the pot/deep fryer- do it in b╬▒tches. Fry for 4-5 minutes, then remove ╬▒nd pl╬▒ce onto ╬▒ p╬▒per towel lined b╬▒king sheet. Finish frying ╬▒ll the pot╬▒toes.
  6. Serve fries with ketchup or your f╬▒vorite s╬▒uce – like copyc╬▒t Z╬▒x s╬▒uce!

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