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Dal Bhaji / Parippu Bhaji

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Daal bhaji or parippu bhaji is a makeover to Kerala Parippu Vada, Try this easy recipe for your ifthar and leave your valuable feed back’s in in the comment box below. Ingredients: Kadalaparippu (chana dal) – 1 cup Onion chopped thinly-1 Fennel seeds-1/4 tsp Ginger chopped thinly-1tbsp Green chilly chopped thinly- ½ tsp Curry leaves

Fried Prawn Masala – Recipe Book

Fried Prawn Masala curry is very delicious and it is served with so many Indian Dishes like Nan, Rotti Etc.The ingredient of this curry Prawns, chili powder , Turmeric Powder, Pepper Powder, Meat Masala, Oil, Tomato, Ginger , Garlic, curry leaves and Oil.    Step 1 1.      Small Prawns -1/2 kg2.      Chili powder -1tsp.3.      Turmeric Powder -1/2tsp.4.     

Mushroom and Corn Soup for Diabetic and Kids

Mushroom and Corn Soup is a fat-free and cholesterol free. Also it is a low calorie and the sodium content is very low comparing to other Soup. The soup contain a lot of nutrients like selenium, potassium and rich in fiber. It is also good for diabetes and for kids also. Ingredients 1 teaspoon oil

Duck Roast With Coconut Milk

Duck Roast cocked in coconut milk that makes a dish perfect and it can be served with Rice, Rotti, and Nan.  Ingredients : 1.     Duck one kilo gram (cut into big medium Pieces) 2.     Turmeric Powder one teaspoon 3.     Chili powder one table spoon 4.     Pepper powder one teaspoon 5.     Garam masala two and half

Gobi Manchurian

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                     Ingredients for Marinate:1. Cauliflower-1/22. Kashmiri chilly powder-1tb3. Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp4. Egg white-1egg5. Pepper powder-1/2 tsp.6. Cornflower-1tb7. Ginger garlic paste-1tsp8. Salt-to taste Ingredients for Masala: 1. Oil-1cup2. Onion-1big3. Ginger-1tsp(chopped small)4. Garlic-1tsp(chopped small)5. Greenchilli-1tsp(chopped small)6. Sugar-1/2 tsp.7. Curry leaves-2strands7. Capsicum -1small8. Tomato sauce-1tb9. Chilly sauce-1/2tb10.Soya sauce-1tb11.Corn flour-1tb12.Salt to taste13.To garnish:14.Coriander leaves 15.Spring onion   PREPARATION:  

Easy Biscuit Pudding Recipe – Recipe Book

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Easy Biscuit Pudding Recipe – Recipe Book skip to main | skip to sidebar Biscuit Pudding    Ingredients:      Thick cream-2pack(250ml)      Biscuit-2pack 250gm(any plane biscuit such as ulker petit , Marie, glucose)      Crushed sugar-1cup      Chocolate sauce / syrup-3tbsp      Milk- 1/2 cup      Badam, pista slices to garnish      Corn flakes-to garnish 

Fish Curry (in coconut milk)

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Fish Curry (in coconut milk) – Recipe Book skip to main | skip to sidebar   Ingredients:        fish-5 piece (cubed size)       coconut milk-1/2 coconut       turmeric powder-1/2 tsp.       chilly powder-1tsp        shallots-5no.s        ginger-1small piece        green chilly-1        tomato-1medium(cut in to 4 piece)        tamrind-1/2 lemon size        curry leaves        salt-to taste    Seasoning:         shallots        coconut oil   Preparation:       

Haleem – Recipe Book

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Haleem – Recipe Book skip to main | skip to sidebar Haleem is a popular Hyderabadi Dish rich with wheat and meat.  It’s an ultimate slow cooked wonder recipe, having high vitamins and proteins. It’s very good for child and diabetic persons.  It’s especially made in the special occasions, like Ramadan and marriage. The Wholesome

How to Prepare Bacon Rashers and Fish bake

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Fish with bacon is a famous dish in America and Europe Countries. In Each countries it is known as different name. It is a good dish for Diabetics and Kids because there is no oil and it is not fired. Ingredients for Fish and Bacon Dish.   ·       1 Kg Fish Pieces Medium Size bonless