Synopsis [Flashback] Cyborg Kuro-chan

Synopsis [Flashback] Cyborg Kuro-chan – This flashback will bring you an anime (and possibly a game) that tells the story of one of the most popular animals in Japan and the internet, who can shoot! Welcome Cyborg Kuro-chan.
Tells the story of Kuro-chan, a cat friend for a pair of parents, one day, he is kidnapped by Dr. Go (Dr. Mawari in Japan), an evil scientist. Dr. Go turns Kuro into a cyborg cat. However, Kuro-chan turned out to be able to damage the chip that controlled it and he came out of Dr. Go’s laboratory and damaged it. He then uses his cyborg body, along with weapon technology, to fight criminals of various crimes, such as other cyborg cyborgs, and evil aliens.

Synopsis [Flashback] Cyborg Kuro-chan


ibawa – The main cat who was kidnapped by Doctor Go and turned into a cyborg cat with various weapons and equipment. Irritable and out of control, even though he’s a really good cat. His favorite weapon is the Gatling Gun

The couple who looks after Kuro and doesn’t know Kuro is actually a cyborg. Even though they continue to be hit by various problems, they are still loyal to take care of the trouble-maker who sometimes also helps them, Kuro.
Dr. Go

The main antagonist who seeks to rule the world by creating a cyborg cat as a mass weapon. The plan reversed when Kuro finally had his own mind. At the end of the story he stops trying to rule the world and lives quietly with M and Kotaro.

The cyborg cat that Dr. Go to exterminate Kuro. But actually he is kind and at the end of the story sometimes helps Kuro. His favorite weapon is a sword.

The cat who is Kuro’s old friend. For some reason he blames Kuro for his troubles, his favorite weapon is a boomerang.
Cyborg Kuro-chan is a unique anime in its time, where I was just a kid at that time to feel “Ni anime is really scary?” Especially with the depiction of Kuro who is manly and far from the funny impression we usually get from “cats”. Sometimes it’s annoying, but it can’t be denied that Cyborg Kurochan sometimes still makes an impression on our hearts when we talk about it, like when I wrote this review.

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