Anime Synopsis: Mayoiga

Anime Synopsis: Mayoiga – It tells of a tourist tour bus, which carries a group of young people to the village of Nanakimura, a village that reportedly only lucky people can find it.

Anime Synopsis: Mayoiga


ibawa – One of the best anime that airs this season, really recommended to watch with friends.

well, the bridge above is the entrance gate to Nanaki, a lost village, not even on the map in Japanese territory.

A tour agency offers different tourism packages from other travel agents, namely traveling to places where the location is not clear, but the purpose of this tour is not only to travel but also to start new hopes, start a new life, various expectations that all tourists want.

The trip is carried out at night, accompanied by rain, a tour guide named Daihara-san who guides the tour, explains the tourist destinations and other guides who are waiting outside Nanaki village. on the way, many things happened, all the tour participants introduced themselves and briefly explained the hopes they wanted and would do when they took the Nanaki village tour. everyone hopes to do new things and leave their old diverse lives behind.

Arriving at their resting place, they meet another tour guide as well as Daihara’s informant who knows about Nanaki Village, Koharu-san. explained that they were close to Nanaki village and suggested taking a break but all tour participants decided to continue the tour.

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Going up the mountain, slowly the asphalt road began to narrow and the road was not paved anymore, the bus slipped, after being checked the bus had slipped into a ravine and could not return to its path, all passengers and guides decided to carry goods and walk on foot, leaving the annoyed bus driver because no one wants to help him.

In the morning they arrived at Nanaki village, they decided to look around and make sure there were no occupants, the building looked well maintained but no one was found in Nanaki village.

New life begins .. There are tourists who disappear .. Appearance of wounds from the past .. Are they continuing to live in the village of Nanaki or even decide to return to the real world .. If they want to return the only way is to receive the nanaki .. Sip ~ so the review for the complete please watch the anime is guaranteed to be exciting.

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